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When transporting vehicles for special events and the situation demands special care, you should not settle for anything less than enclosed auto trailers.

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Enclosed Car Transport

The transportation of a vehicle is a rather common procedure. You have two basic options – open and enclosed vehicle shipping.

Enclosed Car Transport is the safest and most secure form of vehicle transportation offered today, and the top choice for owners of classic, collector, exotic and high-valued vehicles. The vehicles are loaded via hydraulic lifts into an enclosed auto transport carrier. The use of lifts presents the optimal moving condition for lower profile vehicles. Like the name suggests, vehicles are enclosed in a covered truck for the duration of the move. Once inside the covered carrier, vehicles are safe from the elements, such as rain, hail, sun and snow. They are also protected from dust, insects and bugs. Fewer vehicles are transported on enclosed transports than on open transports, which makes this option more expensive and more difficult to schedule due to lower availability.

Open Car Transport is more economical and generally easier to schedule, although there are inherent risks – such as weather, debris and wildlife – to contend with.

Benefits of Enclosed Car Transport

– Most secure and protected
– Virtually eliminate any risk
– Isolated from weather and road debris
– Ideal for classic, collector, exotic and high-value vehicles
– Lift gates for lower-profile vehicles

Issues with Enclosed Car Transport

– More expensive than Open Car Transport
– Less availability

We treat your vehicle like our own

US Transport and Logistics is operated by a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering quality service. Our unbeatable track record of providing safe passage for your vehicles puts us as the first choice for our customers. Our team of experienced customer service professionals guides our customers step-by-step through the process, addresses any and all of our customers’ concerns and delivers custom movement solutions that suit our clients’ needs. If you are in the military, please also view our Military Vehicle Transport page for details on any paperwork you may need and to learn about our discounts as we honor our service men and women.

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