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Golf Cart Transport

US Transport and Logistics partners with golf cart carriers that are reputable, experienced and have a strong reputation in the auto transport industry. Much like larger, four-wheeled vehicles such as cars and trucks, golf carts can be moved through open or enclosed transport options, with both having their own unique benefits and issues.

The open transport option is generally preferred and more affordable. It is the most common form of moving your golf cart, although it leaves your golf cart open to the elements and could subject them to dust, bugs and other small road debris. The enclosed option, while more expensive, is ideal for specialized or custom painted golf carts, as they are fully protected.

Golf carts can be picked up and delivered anywhere, whether you wish to ship from one home to another or from a dealership or seller to your home. The cost of moving a golf cart is dependent on the option of open or enclosed transport, the size and weight of the golf cart and possibly the season when you wish to have it transported.

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US Transport and Logistics is operated by a dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering quality service. Our unbeatable track record of providing safe passage for your vehicles puts us as the first choice for our customers. Our team of experienced customer service professionals guides our customers step-by-step through the process, addresses any and all of our customers’ concerns and delivers custom movement solutions that suit our clients’ needs. If you are in the military, please also view our Military Vehicle Transport page for details on any paperwork you may need and to learn about our discounts as we honor our service men and women.

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